Behind the tech-xtures

Behind the tech-xtures is a project that materializes and uncovers the stories behind the complexity of Electronic waste production and management.

This project was developed as part of Designers in Residence 2023 at EMMA Kreativzentrum Pforzheim (Germany). 

Through material research, sculpture and interviews, Behind the Tech-xtures tries to untangle the different stages and interactions between international stakeholders in electronic device production and disposal. The collected materials from electronic waste become narrators that share and analyse this socioecological issue through different perspectives.

This project aims to inform and visualize the different realities behind the production of our everyday devices, as well as trigger critical conversations that point out the importance of reframing individual responsibilities to think collaboratively on initiatives to demand new and better systems at an international, industrial and governmental level.

Special thanks to:

Die Abfallwirtschaft des Stadt Pforzheim, Das Entsorgungszentrum Hohberg, Tim Herrlinger, Süd-Rec Süddeutsche Recycling GmbH, Helmut Oberguggenberger, Chiara Kaufmann, Frederike Kintscher, Josh Lepawsky, Mónica Jacqueline Hernández, Beatriz Millón, Richard Roftus, Hochschule Pforzheim, EMMA - Kreativzentrum Pforzheim, Almut Benkert, Fabian Jäger, Alexandra Vogt, Anna-Lisa Straub, Marie Zimmermann, Benedikt Adler, Silviu Calin, Franziska Lyon and Kosmas Dinh

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