In 2020, more than 80 thousand women joined the International Women’s Day March in Mexico City, not to celebrate, but to demand justice and change. According to statistics, in Mexico a woman is raped every 18 seconds; every minute a woman is attacked, and every hour about ten women are murdered. Despite of this 99% of the sexual violence reports aren’t investigated.

This visual performance is a short project which came up as a response to the increasing gender violence in Mexico. I decided to make this project inspired by Jacarandas flowers and photographs of the Women’s Day March.

The structure has a simple drip system that flows one drop of jacaranda’s pigment every second, creating a stain on the paper. As time passes, the stain becomes more visible and bigger. The structure and dripping system were made with utterly objects, which I had on hand during the lockdown pandemic and the pigment was extracted from the Jacarandas flowers that fell during the first half of March.

The performance visualizes the importance of quick response against gender violence and was streamed online.